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¡Botanical Soul is the new glass in our collection! Inspir...

¡Botanical Soul is the new glass in our collection! Inspired by the tradition of the ingredients of vermouth, botanicals, but betting on the modernization of the traditional glass with a slightly thinner shape. Botanical Soul Glass is the perfect choice for presenting your favourite drinks and cocktails. There’s no such thing as a universal glass, but the new Botanical Soul is a perfect glass for any kind of occasion.

A simple design, with selected top quality glass, allowing better oxygenation of drinks and getting more possible combinations inside . Now you can also enjoy your vermouth in a 100% vermouth glass.

My Vermouth Ritual:

1- Select a good vermouth

2- Serve it in an original 100% vermouth glass.

3- Accompany it with a gourmet appetizer.

4- Disconnect the mobile: dedicate this time to relax and be happy.

5- And choose with whom to share this moment.

Enjoy your vermouth, the good life.

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Available on backorder


MyVermut® Glass

This vermouth glass is designed for you if you love collecting glasses of your favourite brands. We have received many messages from vermuteros, asking us to buy the glass loose. Here it is! It is the ideal complement to savour your vermouth. Or you can buy one of the vermo...

MyVermut® Glass

This vermouth glass is designed for you if you love collecting glasses of your favourite brands. We have received many messages from vermuteros, asking us to buy the glass loose. Here it is! It is the ideal complement to savour your vermouth. Or you can buy one of the vermouth packs that includes 1 or 2 glasses as a gift.

Today we ask you, do you know which cocktail is served in which glass?

What kind of glass do we need to enjoy a vermouth?

1. High quality glass

The bet for a good glass is obvious. We can almost say brilliant. The exquisite crystals and crystal glasses are characterized by an extraordinary transparency and an almost perfect shine, thanks to the fact that they are made of extremely fine sand. Choosing the right glass is fundamental, if it is made of high quality glass, it will determine an even more complete experience. The thin walls bring out the nuances of the vermouth’s fragrance. It depends on how the glass reaches our nose in all its expressions. It is also important that it has a fine rim, although not extremely fine, as it is not a wine in a glass.

Imagine the nuances of a drink that has steeped in a blend of up to 80 botanicals for several months. The result is complicated. This is very interesting for those who want to discover new nuances in their palate. High-quality glass is also a safe choice. Because there is nothing more subtle than a glass or a glass with thin walls and edges. Thin glass is the perfect communication channel between beverage and taste. Because it is there, it is hardly noticeable; because it effectively performs the function of providing beverage quality to consumers.

2. Functionality

Another key factor is functionality. It is important that the consumer feels comfortable and that the glass is an extension of the person who is going to enjoy the drink. Strength, durability, dishwasher resistance, functionality and ease of use, those are the keys when choosing a vermouth glass and we have the perfect option. Our MyVermut glass is made of clear glass with a wide mouth to make vermouth tasting an experience. With a classic and elegant design, it will have a special place in your tumbler collection.

Martini glass, whiskey glass or better a hurricane glass?

It is important that you know the types of glasses, because it is not only important that the drink is displayed in all its splendor in the right glass, but visually we will give an appealing and unique image. Are you one of those who drink through your eyes?

Martini glass: Martini Dry (Manhattan, Sidecar)
Margarita glass: Margarita (all variants)
Hurricane glass: Standard cocktails and tropical mixed drinks Mai Tai, Touch Down, Sex on the Beach)
Longdrinks(Cuba Libre, Mojito)
Whisky glass: Pure drinks “on the rocks”.

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