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Red Sunday Vermouth (box 6 units)

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Sunday, the red vermouth with the flavour of yesteryear in homage to the seventh day of the week, the day par excellence of the aperitif.


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Red Sunday Vermouth

Handmade fruit of the combination of different wines of proven quality with extracts of roots, leaves and flowers of aromatic plants with a careful process of cold maceration. Ideal for that day without haste, calmly. A...

Red Sunday Vermouth

Handmade fruit of the combination of different wines of proven quality with extracts of roots, leaves and flowers of aromatic plants with a careful process of cold maceration. Ideal for that day without haste, calmly. All you need is a glass, a couple of ice cubes, and some thick shavings of orange peel. Sunday is extended in time with a glass of this liquor in hand.

Although vermouth is one of the oldest drinks, it is now living a new golden age. In this era, vermouth seems to have been reborn, satisfying a new generation of hedonism that seeks its unique expression. Rich in spicy and herbal nuances, a fascinating contrast between bitterness and sweetness, this is an excuse to restore the old custom of aperitif. As the latest of Spain’s new vermouth artisans, Domingo raised the flag for bar culture and appealed to the aesthetic effect of the napkins, where the owner thought to thank the customers for their presence. “Thank you for your visit.”

This vermouth is made with wine, gentian, elderberry, ginger, orange peel and other botanical ingredients and transports us to an old spice house. Domingo, through his excellent work in preparation, intends, precisely, to reactivate that atmosphere of Sundays, to pay homage to the day of the aperitif, he tries to make Sunday immortal. Sunday is a classic red vermouth, handmade by hand with extracts of roots, spices, leaves and flowers of aromatic plants… In the cellar, all possible ingredients go through a careful process of cold immersion. They live their particular Sunday, in a relaxed way where all the ingredients rest and characterize the taste of Sunday. In this relaxed and leisurely manner, an ideal balance in presence and aroma of botanicals can be achieved. In keeping with the long-bar culture promoted by the label, you can just drink and drink.

It has the aromas of classic vermouth, orange, ginger, elderberry, gentian, which fight perfectly against a kind of sweetness that will not hide and that will make you enjoy when it touches your palate. The taste of this vermouth is like the old one, the perfect rounding off is to take a small glass, pour some ice chips in it, add some thick orange peel and pour it into the water that may form after chilling.

Domingo is a classic red vermouth made by artisans, elaborated by cold infusion of botanicals. Domingo Rojo vermouth has the classic characteristics, it is made entirely by artisans and gives the required rhythm to the vermouth. It is made by immersing aromatic plants, flowers, rhizomes and spices in alcohol, and then mixed with high quality wine. The maceration is done cold to maintain the maximum impact and freshness of the botanicals, achieving a perfect balance in the presence of botanicals.


It has a dark amber color, and a smell of wormwood, elderberry, ginger and orange accompanied by herbaceous notes, which makes it slightly bitter but with a sweet touch.

Net weight: 75 cl

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